Rebecca Wilson
Rowan Blanchard in Spy Kids- All the Time in the World
"Enjoy the Ride!" - Rebecca
Vital statistics
Title Agent R
Gender Female
Race human
Faction Spy
Health 100
Level 1
Status Alive
Location Glendale, Arizona

Rebecca Wilson is Cecil Wilson's trouble-making twin who has a contentious relationship with Marissa Cortez Wilson, her stepmother who she dislikes at the beginning. Her father is Wilbur Wilson, a TV actor and spy hunter. When Marissa leaves a necklace that The Timekeeper wants with Rebecca, Cecil and Rebecca team up with their cousins, Juni and Carmen to save their parents. She always pulls pranks on her dad and everyone else, angering them and can do good inventions and machinery for her pranks. Rebecca used this prank advantage to defeat some of The Timekeeper's servants by blasting them off. Her gadget is a purple electric whip and other gadgets stored in a purse. She seems to be very strong as she punches Cecil in the arm and he says "ow". She accepts Marissa as her mother and likes her for she is. She's played by Rowan Blanchard.

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  • Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World